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Bicycle at South Kuta Beach

05 October 2016

In Bali, the pushbike was the established form of transport long before motorcycles and cars. If you are staying at one of the SKBBA member hotels in the South Kuta Beach area, you might be eligible for the use of a complimentary bicycle sponsored by AMEX, perfect if you feel like taking some gentle exercise along the South Kuta Beach boardwalk

Bring your fun everywhere you go

06 September 2016

Get South Kuta Passport in your mobile phone and unlimited fun you can get while you stay in South Kuta Beach Area 


The Winner Penjor & Gebogan Competition

05 September 2016

On Friday, 2nd September 2016, some of the hotels and restaurants in South Kuta Beach participated in a Penjor and Gebogan Competition, organised by the South Kuta Beach Business Association (SKBBA), to prepare for Galungan.

Galungan is a Balinese holiday that signifies the victory of Virtue (Dharma) over Evil (Adharma). This important festival occurs every 210 days.

Penjor & Gebogan Competition

17 August 2016

Penjor & Gebogan Competition will be held on 2nd September 2016 at Lippo Mall Kuta Bali

How to sign up to South Kuta Passport online in a few easy steps!

11 May 2016

Find out how easy it is to take advantage of some great discounts and promotions whilst staying in the South Kuta Beach member hotels!

Tenganan Village

28 February 2016

Here's another great idea for a daytrip: The ancient and fascinating 'Bali Aga' village of Tenganan is located close to Candidasa, which is about 60km from South Kuta Beach. After visiting the village, you can have lunch at one of the many restaurants in Candidasa and a swim or snorkel in the calm waters of Amuk Bay.

Sokasi Boxes

26 February 2016

Gift hunting in Bali? Look for the ‘Sokasi’, this is a square basket of woven bamboo with a lid; it comes in numerous sizes from miniature to huge.

Nyepi, Bali's magical day of silence

23 February 2016

Looking for a reason to visit Bali? You might want to consider coming here for Nyepi, Bali’s magical day of silence, which falls this year on Wednesday 9th March and coincides with an early-morning partial eclipse of the sun.  

Solar Eclipse 9th March 2016

20 February 2016

On Wednesday, March 9th, 2016, a total eclipse of the sun will take place in the Eastern hemisphere of the Earth. The eclipse will begin at sunrise just to the west of the large Indonesian island of Sumatra. The moon's shadow then proceeds to wend its way eastward, tracing a path just to the north of the main string of the Indonesian archipelago. The total eclipse will be visible from Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and from locations in the Pacific ocean. The eclipse will be partial for people in South and East Asia (including Bali) as well as northern and eastern Australia.

Gamelan Orchestras

16 February 2016

During your stay in Bali, you will be sure to hear some of the traditional Balinese gamelan music, and if you watch a Balinese dance performance, this will always be accompanied by a gamelan orchestra or some of its instruments.

Canang Sari

12 February 2016

The Balinese people believe that their beautiful island is a gift from the gods and for this they give thanks, every day, with millions of offerings, known as ‘canang sari’.

Bali's Lake District

05 February 2016

Make sure you visit this well-known beauty spot during your holiday in Bali

Penjor & Gebongan Competition and Food & Entertainment Festival

01 February 2016

Join us at Lippo Mall Kuta on Friday 5th February 2016 for our Penjor & Gebongan Competition, and the SKBBA Food & Entertainment Festival. 


31 January 2016

An easy day trip from South Kuta, Bedugul in central Bali is another destination to add to your "must see" list.   

The Jimbaran Seafood Feast

27 January 2016

The Jimbaran seafood feast is an iconic Bali experience, just a short taxi ride from South Kuta. Be sure to put this on your "must do" list when you visit Bali. 

Balinese Dance Performances

24 January 2016

One of the many things that you may wish to experience while visiting Bali is a Balinese dance performance. The performances are visual, entertaining and exciting, and can be appreciated by adults and children of all ages. There are numerous dance troupes on the island and many different Balinese dance dramas, most of which have evolved from sacred rituals.

Balinese Jewellery

17 January 2016

Looking to purchase some jewellery? Well, Bali's the right place…

Surfing in Bali

17 January 2016

For some visitors, the most alluring reason for visiting Bali is the surf. Here, some of Indonesia’s most powerful and legendary breaks attract budding surfers and professionals from all over the globe...

Indonesian Food

17 January 2016

Indonesian cuisine is as rich, complex and diverse as the culture and the people that live on the 6000 populated islands of the archipelago. Did you know that many of the distinctive tastes and cooking styles were influenced by the early Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Dutch traders and settlers? Read on for the best way to sample the tastes of Bali and Indonesia...

How to haggle like a pro

17 January 2016

Planning on doing some shopping while you're in Bali? In shops and market stalls, where there are no fixed prices, bargaining is expected. Here are some tips on how to haggle like a pro!

Sports and Adventure

13 January 2016

Bali presents a wealth of outdoor activities for all ages, from sea sports to golf, horse-riding and bird watching. There are also a number of specialist adventure tour companies, offering exciting excursions such river rafting, mountain cycling, jungle trekking and 4-wheel-drive expeditions. Most companies provide a door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service.

Check out the daily set menu at Ristorante Il Tempio

03 November 2015

Right-click on the image to view the details

South Kuta Passport - Discount Vouchers

31 August 2015

Staying in South Kuta at one of our member hotels? Make sure you get a South Kuta Bali Passport! 

All the Fun Under the Sun promotion has been successful in attracting visitors to the South Kuta Beach area

Independence Day

16 August 2015

Happy Independence Day!

Virtual Tour of South Kuta Bali

16 July 2015

Check out the virtual tour of South Kuta Bali.  

Bali's Kites

16 July 2015

If you visit Bali between June and September, you will notice that the sky is strewn with hundreds of kites, and you may hear the humming sound of the kite strings vibrating in the wind.

Gamelan Orchestras

01 May 2015

During your stay in Bali, you will most certainly hear some of the traditional Balinese gamelan music...

Witnessing the Balinese Hindu Culture

26 April 2015

Despite the fact that South Kuta Beach is a tourist destination, you will still be surrounded by everyday Balinese life and the rich Hindu culture.

Balinese Doors

13 April 2015

Like a portal into another world, the Balinese door is inviting, enticing and enchanting.

They come in  a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, often custom-made to fit the proportions of their owners. Exceptionally fine doors have been a means of displaying social wealth and status for hundreds of years. A rich man’s door might be elaborately carved and embellished with gold leaf, whereas a simple tri-coloured mountain village door would be enhanced by the patina of age and exposure to the elements.

The Bale Bengong

10 February 2015

The Balinese bale (pronounced balé) is an open-air pavilion or elevated platform, sheltered by a roof and supported by pillars.

he Balinese word ‘bengong’ means ‘lost in thought’, and bale’ means an abode, so a bale bengong is literally a ‘contemplation house’, designed for reflection, dreaming and gazing. For the Balinese it might be a roadside snoozing platform, a gambling den, or a watch tower. Nearly every hotel and villa in Bali boasts at least one bale bengong. Often situated poolside, adjacent to the rice fields or the beach, or within some shady spot in the garden, the bale bengong is an enchanting, lazy, breezy gazebo where you might chill out with a book

A traditional communication system

29 January 2015

The Balinese kul-kul. Every village temple and every ‘banjar’ (traditional village council) has its own kul-kul, which is usually hung within an open-sided pavilion standing upon four pillars and sheltered by a roof.

Our second penjor competition

07 November 2014

11th December 2104 Penjor Competition

Who are we?

07 November 2014


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