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about us

Established in the early 1990s, South Kuta Beach Business Association (SKBBA) is a group of likeminded tourism and leisure related businesses comprising hoteliers, retailers, restaurateurs, tourist activity operators and tourism professionals based in South Kuta. Together we have joined forces within a non-profit, non-government organisation to make South Kuta Beach one of Bali’s leading ‘hotspots’ through mutual care of the surroundings and promotion of what the area has to offer. We share a common vision, which is to make the South Kuta Beach an even more pleasant and attractive environment for tourists to visit, explore and enjoy. All of SKBBA’s revenues are spent to improve and promote the South Kuta area. 
We not only strive to build productive relationships between our members but we also work with relevant local and international government bodies, including the local tourist police, the Australian Federal Police, and the Balinese community to make the area more attractive through environmental initiatives, increased safety and security measures, and the creation of programmes to make the area a better place for both tourists and locals alike.  Our members proactively address and participate in issues and decisions affecting the growth, development, and maintenance of the South Kuta tourism industry. 
Our main focus is on marketing the South Kuta Beach as an outstanding destination with an emphasis on protecting the environment through weekly beach clean exercises as well as ensuring the safety and security of guests to the area through the support of the local “men in black” who patrol the strip to maximise safety.
We believe that the South Kuta Beach area is a prime example of what responsible tourism and community collaboration can achieve. 
Our members are ethical and responsible businesses who strive to improve and promote South Kuta Beach as a premier tourism destination through joint responsibility and mutual cooperation. 
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There are currently 20 active members of SKBBA:
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